What to Look for in a Siberian Husky Breeder

What to Look for in a Siberian Husky Breeder

iStock_000003268311_ExtraSmallSiberian huskies are an extremely popular pure bread dog. Many people want this type of dog for their intelligence, friendliness, and just because they are so adorable. While this is a popular dog that many individuals take the time to breed, there are still important factors to weigh in when dealing with breeders. The person you buy your dog from can determine if you are getting a dog that has been bred following the right specifications, and that they are coming from a well-treated environment.


If you choose to go the route of getting a husky from a breeder, one of the first steps after seeking referral is to make sure that the breeder has the appropriate paperwork. A breeder should have the dog’s pedigree papers as well as AKC (American Kennel Club) registration forms. This is the main difference in getting a dog from a breeder and a from a rescue group.

Shots and Micro-chipped

Any reputable breeder will make sure that their puppies are being treated right from day one. This means they will have taken their puppies to the vet once they were born. They will be caught up on their shots, and they will have information documenting the dog’s health.

Most breeders now will go ahead and get their pups micro-chipped. This is to protect them in case they get lost. You will be able to change the address and prominent information after you adopt the dog.

Room/ Space

Siberian huskies are medium sized dogs and need plenty of room to run about to get exercise. If a breeder is keeping the litter in a tight-knit area, there is a good chance this is not the only area where they are being mistreated. Responsible breeders know how much space their dogs need and will ensure that they have it.


It is not a surprise to most people that huskies need to be in a cooler or cold environment. It is not uncommon for them to be bred in warmer climates, but different measures need to be taken to ensure the happiness and healthiness of the dog. They should never be permanently kept outside in warm to hot environments.

Actually, even in cooler environments huskies should not be left permanently outside. They are really more of inside dogs because they tend to get lonely or bored when left alone. If the breeder is keeping his litter outside, you should definitely find out how often they are left alone.

Huskies do very well kept indoors with the use of kennels. They should, however, never be kept more than one to a kennel (indoor kennels are smaller), and they should be let out when master is home and for regular exercise.


Finally, good breeders care about who adopts their dogs. They will want to know everything about your home and family to make sure their dog is headed off to a good home. If you are not asked many questions, there is a high chance that the breeder does not care who gets their dogs, which relates that they really do not care how there huskies are treated.