Keeping your Husky Clean

Since they have a long, thick coat, it takes a lot to keep your husky properly clean. If these dogs are not kept clean properly, they can become sick or injured, so it is of the utmost importance you create a regular routine for them. First time owners may find themselves unsure as to what a good routine for a Husky might be, which is why we have outlined one for you below.


Usually a brushing and a waterless shampoo are all you really need in order to keep your husky clean. This type of water-free cleaning should be done once a week or so. Normal bathing can break down the protective oil found on the dogs skin, but it will still need to be done at certain times. If your Husky has a run in with a skunk, rolls in the mud, or otherwise gets extremely dirty, you should give them a full bath. Otherwise, stick to a waterless bath.

Coat Brushing

 Your Husky’s coat will need to be brushed at least once a day. While some people think that they are able to bypass this by shaving their dog, it is really not recommended that you shave a Husky’s coat. When shaven, they will be less able to regulate their body temperatures and more likely to get sunburn. Also try to keep in mind that with each time you shave your Husky’s coat off, it will grow back thicker and more coarse, which makes it easier to get knotty and tangled. There may be occasions when you need to brush your Husky’s coat two or three times a day, so before even buying one of these dogs you need to ensure you have this kind of time in your schedule.

Teeth Brushing

 From the moment you get your Husky puppy, you should begin cleaning their teeth every day. Otherwise, it will be a very difficult task to undertake. Dental hygiene is a must. You can use a special tooth brush that slips over your fingers and tooth paste that has been specifically designed for dogs. You can also supplement this with special designed dental chews. These will help to cut back on plaque build up. Keeping plaque from building up on your dog’s teeth is important for two reasons: one, it is very difficult to remove plaque from the teeth once it has built up, and two, a build up of plaque can lead to periodontal disease in your dog.

Nail Clipping

 You should trim your Husky’s nails at least once each month, as overgrown nails can lead to very serious foot problems. You should cut the nails so that they are trimmed to just above where the pink portion of their nails end. Do not cut into the pink area of the nail, often called the quick, or your dog will begin to bleed profusely. If you do happen to cut the nails too short by accident, you can use either styptic powder or even flour in order to stop the bleeding.


In addition to these things, you should also remember to wipe any discharge from your dogs eyes immediately. Make sure you keep their paws properly cleaned out, as gravel and other small items can become lodged in the pads. This is extremely uncomfortable and even painful for your Husky. Gently wipe your dogs ears out about once a week with a damp washcloth.