Keeping Cool in Hot Weather

Huskies thrive in cold weather, they’re made for it, unfortunately they don’t all live in the coolest places they can be.  My own husky and I reside in California where it’s usually pretty sunny and temperatures can reach 100º+ weather.  The California heat and her double coat make for a tough combination to deal with.  While the optimal solution might be to put her on a private helicopter to the nearby mountains, I have neither a helicopter or a mountain cabin so here are a few tips that I’ve followed, in varying situations:


Try walking or running them in the early morning or evening, mainly when the sun’s going down or already gone.  That way they don’t get the brunt of the heat (so that means no exercise in the middle of the day of course!)

At Home

Keep them inside with you.  If it’s hot enough you’re most likely running a fan or the air conditioner.  If the bowls are outside bring them in, basically just let your husky out to potty.  I like to sit mine down in the coolest room in the house, if you have one, such as a basement, that would be great for your husky.

If Outside

Drop a few ice cubes in your husky’s bowl, make sure there’s enough shade for cover.  If the temperature’s high enough though, leaving your husky outside might not be in his or her best interest.

Dog Cooling Technology

Being that it is the 21st Century, and with the latest in technology, here are a few more high-tech options…

Crate Fans

Just as it sounds, this is basically a small fan that you can attach to your husky’s crate if they can’t come inside with you. Below is an example, this one is battery powered, but others need an electrical outlet. You could always just sit a fan and point it towards the crate too.

Cooling Mats

I doubt this alone will be enough to keep a husky cool, but it might be a good supplement if you bring him, or her, inside. Below is an example.

Cooling Vest

The way most of these work is by being dipped into water, at which point they cool your pet until they dry out.  One obvious downside though is that due to all the water it might weigh down your dog a bit. Below is an example:

All of these solutions are pretty much ‘common sense’ answers to keeping you husky cool.  One general rule of thumb though on what NOT to do is never shave your Siberian Husky!  You increase the risk of sunburn to your husky by shaving it, so don’t let that be an option.