GoPro Huskies in Action

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What’s better than watching a Husky run?  Watching it run from its own perspective!  Here are a few entertaining GoPro videos of Huskies doing what they do best.

Here, Youtube user bengals101 takes his Husky, Kona, out on a 4 mile run!

Tech Nerd takes his GoPro for a few rounds, strapped on the back of his Husky.  Warning: Don’t stare at it for too long it’s extremely shaky, but entertaining!


Sal Sorice straps a GoPro to the back of his Husky, Kya, as she saunters around the house!

… and to top it all off, here’s a GoPro video of 17 Huskies doing sled dog training in Germany!

GoPro: 17 Huskies from GoPro on Vimeo.