Crates and Siberian Huskies

All breeds of dogs can benefit from crating, despite the fact that many people are against it. The truth of the matter is that you are not locking your dog away in a cage for hours, but rather that you are protecting your dog from getting harmed while you are away from the home. It also helps to protect your furniture and other belongings from being chewed on or torn up. Crate training can also help to aid you in house training your new puppy. Below we will look at when you should and should not crate your Siberian Husky, whether it be an adult dog or a new puppy.

When to Crate

The time of day or situation so when your Siberian Husky is to be crated will depend almost entirely on you and your schedule. Common times of the day or situations in which these dogs are crated include: at night when everyone is asleep, when you must leave the house during the day, or when riding in the car. From the time you get your puppy, you should get them used to crating and the times when they are expected to be in their crate. Eventually, adult dogs will look at their crates as a place to go when they are tired or feeling overwhelmed by company or other situations.

Crating Do’s

  • Positively enforce crating habits with treats or pats on the head. Nice words, such as a simple “good job boy” are always a good idea.
  • Include a soft blanket in the crate to make your dog more comfortable.
  • Make sure the crate is large enough for your Husky. You do not want them to be too cramped.
  • Include safe toys. This includes anything that a dog can not easily tear apart or choke on.

When Not to Crate

It is not appropriate to crate a dog up during the day while you are home, as you are able to keep your attention on them. Certain exceptions may include when you have a lot of company over, or when there are small children around if you are unsure of how your Husky will react to them. If you are going on vacation, you should never leave your dog crated at home. They should either go to a boarding house or to a relatives house, as leaving them crated for days on end is detrimental to your Huskies health and inhumane.

Crating Don’ts

  • Do not ever crate your dog while they are wearing a choke collar. These collars can actually choke your dog to death. In fact, you should remove any collars before placing your dog into the crate if you want to ensure that they are safe.
  • Do not include unsafe toys in your dog’s crate. This includes anything that is flimsy or can be torn apart easily. Your dog can choke on these types of toys. This also includes rawhide bones, as they are not actually digestible and can linger in your dog’s intestines.
  • Do not crate your dog for bad behavior. This will make them look at the crate as a bad thing, instead of a place of their own.
  • Do not negatively enforce crating habits. You should not spank or yell at your dog when crate training them, as it will make the crate look like a bad thing instead of a good thing.

Here’s a crate that I use for my husky.  It’s got a fancy wooden exterior but on the inside it’s just your typical metal crate.