4 Things You Should Never Say To a Siberian Husky



Because you would be wasting your breath.  Granted, there must be a few exceptions out there that are willing to play fetch with you, but the vast majority of Huskies will just watch that ball roll past you with a big question mark floating over their heads.


“You’ve Got a Shedding Hair Problem”

Huskies shed like crazy due to their thick undercoats.  It’s great for them, less great for us!

“Let’s Leave the Park”

Exhibit A-Z:

“Guard the ____ “


These dogs were mainly bred to pull sleds across cold harsh terrain.  They’ve rarely needed to guard anything.  This shows especially when meeting new people, rather than look fiercely at a stranger and even attempt to be intimidating, they will approach them with a curiosity that will make you feel jealous and under-appreciated.  As always though, there are exceptions.